Do What Makes Your Heart Happy

May 13, 2023 

In this fast paced selfish world, my mission is to help us slow down and remember that when we make decisions based on what makes our hearts happy, we not only learn to trust our gut but to also be more attentive to the hearts of those around us that we impact!  On a “Do What Makes Your Heart Happy” Day, the goal is to make most of your decisions based on the one question: Will this make my heart happy?  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself if this (thing/activity/whatever) will make my heart happy.  If you answer yes, then you know what to do!  


For those who enjoy showing support in additional ways, you can show your love and support for this mission of making more decisions based on what makes your heart happy by:

  • Wearing purple on the 13th of the month to show support for spreading positivity and kindness in the world.
  • Making a conscious effort to do one kind thing for someone else daily (as simple as a smile with eye contact, asking someone a question about how they are feeling, make a point to give someone an extra hug and say thank you for being so amazing)!
  • Add a flower to your ensemble on the 13th to show additional support for empowering women to change the world! (I have a permanent purple lotus flower on my forearm in solidarity!)
  • Tell those who are important to you that you love them; we all need to hear that we are loved and why not say it to anyone who makes you feel great?!
  • When you’re bored in a line, instead of being rude to those around you try to give someone a smile or flash an “I love you” in American Sign Language to just give someone a reminder that there is kindness in the world.
  • When you’re mad because someone cut you off while driving to work, instead of showing a mean grown up gesture, flash them the “I love you” sign instead; maybe they cut you off because something bad is happening in their life and they need some love to turn it around.


It only takes one person to change the world for someone else; be that one person who changed someone else’s world with a smile! 

Power of Purple

I believe in this mission with all of my heart and spreading the Power of Purple around the world: The Power of Purple


I encourage you to share this message with anyone and everyone while most importantly, living it the best that you can every day!


My mission from here on out is to empower others to be supportive of others in whatever ways make their hearts happy! <3  It only takes seconds to make a difference in someone else's world by simply smiling or making eye contact and genuinely asking someone how they are today.  We live in such a fast=paced world where most people are self-absorbed and selfish; let's slow down and practice a little more self-love and empower those around us to do the same!