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Finch for Self Care (app)

Sometimes life gets challenging and it causes you to eventually sink lower and lower.  You find yourself slowly slipping away and becoming so focused on the daily grind and what "needs" to get done for work, or the house, or the kids.  We find ourselves gradually losing ourselves to the things that we thought were important but it takes a mind shift to realize that if you're not taking care of yourself, you're not going to be at your best in all of these other ways you're trying!  I have been struggling with severe anxiety and severe depression for a while now and with the support of a great medical and wholistic team, I feel like I have a decent regimen of medications and supplements to allow my body to heal. 

However, focusing on self care and self love activities has been game changer for me!  We know that it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit.  This app, Finch, has been the best thing to help me get myself back on track and focusing on the small parts of my day that need to be done in order to be more productive in other areas of my life.  I am not a paid promoter for this app, simply a dedicated and loyal user.  You begin your adventure as a small bird and as you complete your goals, you complete quests that help you to raise your bird into an adult.  You establish a few basic goals (the app recommends some so you don't have to think of them if you don't have the brain power to do that at first; you can always edit your goals and add new ones.  As you complete goals, you will eventually get enough energy to send your bird on an adventure for the day (6 hours) and as you complete goals during this time, your friend will return home faster!  My favorite feature is the ability to connect with friends and to be encouraged to send each other some good vibes!  I actually started sharing the app with my kiddos first!  My 11 year old niece and I connected and it made my heart so happy to be able to just send her a quick hug to let her know that I love her!  Then I introduced it to my kids and my 5 year old is the most faithful user!  We both love it when we get good vibes from one another and she is learning to be more accountable and take responsibility for her own self care! 

Below, you'll see a slideshow of some screenshots of my own personal Finch account and some of the awesome features it has to offer.  I do need to note that this app does have a paid version that unlocks "better" daily rewards and the ability to send a few unique vibes but we have been satisfied with the free version.  It's definitely one of my favorite apps that I use daily!

Ideal You - Empowering Yourself with Food

I just want to brag on this program and how much it's changed my life!  It gave me back control of my life in more ways than one!  I have always struggled with my weight, thanks to depression, anxiety, and fear of failure.  I was at my lowest I've ever felt in my life back in the fall of 2022.  I have heard this advertisement on the radio for years about this amazing program called Ideal You so I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the consultation and see what it was all about.  I was nervous and apprehensive when I started the program but nothing else had worked for me in the past so what's one more healthy eating plan to try?  This plan is uniquely tailored to each client and provides you with undivided attention (which was a huge selling point for me) as well as regular check ins with your coach!  I feel so much more motivated with this program than any other program has provided me in the past (and believe me, I tried a lot and several of them multiple times)!

The program begins with a 40 day lose phase where you have a specific list (which is provided by your own personal health coach) that is full of lean proteins, fruits and veggies.  The coaches are all very supportive in answering questions (and believe me, I have asked a zillion questions) and providing suggestions and ideas to keep you on track.  There are weekly check-ins with your coach where you can talk about what's been working and what you need support in.  It's such an amazing feeling to watch all of the numbers moving in the directions that they should be!  Not only are we re-teaching our bodies to enjoy the healthy foods but you're also resetting your metabolism that has been out of whack from years of unhealthy choices.  

Depending on your individual plan will determine what the duration of your plan looks like but you do transition gradually through a series of controlled and carefully monitored phases where you learn how to add back in certain foods and eventually move to a maintencce phase.  This program taught me that I was in control of what I eat and the purpose for eating (for nutrition and nourishment...the other emotional eating can be replaced with other healthier habits)!  

I had a major breakthrough in my personal life as I began my second lose phase with Ideal You in dealing with some generational trauma that I have overcome and feel so much more empowered to tackle!  I am so excited to share more with you as we go along! I'll definitely try to post meals and recipes gradually of the foods that have carried me through and are now the foods I crave (I really don't even enjoy a lot of my old "favorite foods")! 

Empower yourself today by reaching out to Ideal You (!  If you sign up and tell them I sent you (Katie Judy) we both will get $200!  Then when you fall in love with this program, you can share it with your friends and then you both will get $200 and a lifetime of control and healthy habits!

Check out the Fun with Food page for meal ideas!