Elevation Church

A few years ago, my younger sister introduced me to this amazing community of believers called Elevation Church.  She told me that she had been searching for the right place of worship for several years and that she thought she found THE ONE.  She has been an active participant for a little while and she shared her love and passion with me; I knew that one day I would call this home for me as well.  Well, life happened; things happened, kids were had, rifts were formed, COVID tried to taint may people with ways of the devil and I found myself questioning my purpose here on this great Earth.  What could I possibly do to make a difference here on this Earth?  And then I remembered:  All it takes is one small act of kindness to affect one additional person and the ripple effect from that is incredible!  Picture a clear-ish night on a small pond; moon shining bright. A single rain drop falls and there are a few small ripples that dissipate quickly.  However, as more and more raindrops fall from the sky, imagine the countless ripples of kindness and love that you will see then!

Sorry about that, I think I may have taken a slight Steven-tangent there for a moment! My sister and I grew apart over the years for a multitude of reasons but we knew that we would be reunited as true sisters once again. I would have come full circle when I remembered that she and I always knew our love for Him and His work would some grant us some peace and unity once more.  Well guess what Elevation Church? I'm back! :) <3



We're aiming for 9:30am (ET) service tomorrow! Looking forward to coming home tomorrow with our whole family singing His beautiful praises by the incredibly, life-changing voices of Elevation Worship! <3 Jireh, you are enough! <3